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high converting landing pages

Landing Pages: The ABCs to High Conversions

The following is an infographic from Copyblogger – my favorite resource for online copywriters. This infographic is awesome: It has pretty pictures It rhymes It gives damn solid advice It gives me great content for this blog without having to do any work Hooray for quality content that’s quick, free and best of all, highly informative and useful for the… Read more →

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One Tip that will Drastically Improve Your Headline Clicks and Shares

Here’s the bestselling secret of every successful content marketer out there… Headlines will make or break your website. Because let’s face it, first impressionsĀ matter and we do judge books by their cover. I’m neither saying it’s a good or bad thing. Simply that it’s human nature. Right now you may be thinking, “Well I’m not like that, I don’t judge… Read more →