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Laila is very easy to work with and ALWAYS overdelivers. I can ask her for one thing and she’ll make it 100 times better. Her blog posts are always well researched, engaging for readers, and get a lot of comments and shares! I love working with Laila and highly recommend her.

Len Berimbun www.leninouie.com June 5, 2015

freelance writer malaysia

Working with Laila ensures great quality articles every time. From weekly blog posts to 10,000 word eBooks and reports, I can always count on Laila to deliver with unique written content that is engaging and helpful to my readers. On top of that, she’s created a number of bestselling digital products for me from content to copy to promotional email swipes. Wonderful experience!

Chan Peng Li www.pengli.com June 5, 2015

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I’ve hired dozens of freelance writers in the past but none compare to Laila. Working with Laila, I’ve seen this Word Ninja ghost-write a bestselling book from scratch, create unique content for eBooks ranging from photography to online dating to internet marketing, bust out million dollar headlines for a gazillion products while writing our company’s weekly blog posts which were as funny as they were insightful. #truestory
Despite that long list of achievements, her greatest contribution to mankind is www.childrenspeakfunny.com… go figure.

Lim Jian Hung Founder & CEO of Tripecta May 27, 2015

freelance writer malaysia

I’ve worked with Laila on many projects including sales copy, company profiles, web content and article writing. She’s the best of the best. Very efficient, always delivers early and her work always exceeds expectations!

Nicole Arnell International Communications Professional June 5, 2015

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As a designer I’ve always hesitated to launch a product or start a website, because I just don’t feel comfortable writing. Laila enabled me to pursue and monetize my passion by writing all the content for my website and eBook, sales pages and autoresponder sequences for me, while I was able to focus on the things I enjoy.

Laila is so easy to work with and has an ability to put my scattered thoughts and concepts into words on a page that flow with precision and grace.

Haikal Ismail Founder of HISE Society May 28, 2015

freelance writer malaysia

Laila is a great writer for articles and eBooks and sales scripts and more! I really enjoy working with her. Very fast, very efficient and very high quality work. Excellent experience 🙂

Veronika Reichenberger London, UK June 5, 2015

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I’ve had the privilege to work with Laila for over the past 2 years and she is an amazing content strategist and creator. In an acronym she is: A – Awesome, M – Meticulous, A – Amazing, Z – Zero-hassle, I – Intelligent, N – NinjaFast, G – GoGetter , this acronym is just scratching the surface of the kind of potential that Laila has…

She is a content wizard, a copy alchemist and her research skills in creating content is absolutely groundbreaking. Expect nothing but amazing 24 turnaround time in her ability to produce sales copy, full fledged ebooks and just about any content you can think of.

I’m extremely lucky to be associated with one of the best kept secrets of top internet marketers as she writes for industry leaders in their own voice. If you have the opportunity to work with her, do it without reservation. She is the best. Are you still reading this? Hire her already.

Elisha Hong www.elishahong.com May 28, 2015

Laila has written eBooks and sales copy for me for over 4 years. From long form sales letters and banner ads to corporate client work and Facebook ads, she has been by go-to writer. I HIGHLY recommend working with Laila.

Daniel Lim CMO Tripecta June 5, 2015